Silversmith Pewter Acampo Leather 3360 RubyCherry Special

Silversmith Pewter Acampo Leather 3360 RubyCherry Special


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Availability In stock The Silversmith is a striking womens boot with extended leather height and lace-up style that commands a room Brass speed hooks lend a rugged look thats balanced by an elegant slim silhouetteThe Silversmith is an unmistakable womens style born from boots that were originally built for farm fields and blacksmith workshops The modern Silversmith combines materials and construction that create rugged durability and beautiful styling The 7-inch boot is built with premium Red Wing Leather held together with exceptionally durable Puritan triple-stitch construction The Silversmith is fully resoleable thanks to a three-quarter Goodyear welt and a Vibram 430 Mini-lug outsole provides trustworthy all-season tractionA new pair of Red Wing Womens Heritage footwear should fit comfortably tight on the foot with enough room to freely wiggle toes As you wear the footwear the full grain leather upper insole and cork midsole will mold to your feet creating an increasingly personalized fit over time We recommend trying on footwear in store to ensure proper fitBased on the no 8 last one of Red Wings oldest lastsModified for a better fit and sleeker feel for womenRoughout and Nubuck leather is created using a reverse-suede technique Many tanneries split and thin hides to create suede but our tannery simply uses the other side of the hide This allows us to create beautiful roughout and nubuck leather with no loss of durability Actively maintaining leather is the most effective way to ensure integrity and longevity Learn how to care for your Red Wing Heritage Roughout and Nubuck leatherOutsoleVibram 430 Mini-lugConstructionGoodyear WeltLast106Leather NamePewter Acampo LeatherHardwareNickel Eyelets and HooksShankSteelResoleableYes


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